How Much We Raised in 2019—$3920!!! A great year!

We had a fairly small turnout on the course this year but amazing participation in the golf ball drop as always! We capped the giveaway at $1500 this year because of the Man of the Year competition (giving more money to charity never hurts) and gave that amount away easily! The winner, Karen Cipriano, donated all $1500 back to LLS after her ball was the first one in the cup!!!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who participated. Below is a quick shout out to some of the businesses that helped make the tournament a huge success!

Endless Kitchen & Bath helped out by sponsoring our hole-in-one (offering a $15,000 home remodel which he knew he’d never have to do because most people can barely hit the ball over the water) and bringing a foursome–in addition to buying tons of balls for the ball drop.  Ray from Classic Q (great sports bar) in Newport Beach brought a foursome from his basketball team to the tournament (the second most drunk group on the course).  And Auto Trader sponsored a foursome for like the millionth time in tournament history.


Thanks again to everyone!  And we hope to see you again next year!

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